We’re not talking about a mall cop on a Segway when we say “security.” On a worldwide scale and sometimes in difficult circumstances, we’re talking about elite private protection for Fortune 500 executives, high-ranking government officials, clandestine information gathering, logistics assistance, and infantry subject-matter specialists.

Grunts and POGs are both welcome, and both roles demand the same mission-driven mindset as veterans.

We phoned in to identify veteran-hiring firms that assist commercial businesses and government agencies with all elements of security. They prioritize military expertise not only because veterans make excellent employees, but also because the majority of these security companies were started and are run by special operators.

These hire bodyguards London companies are interested in hiring veterans.


“Information solutions and services in support of national security missions and government transformation for intelligence, defense, and federal civilian customers,” according to CACI’s website.

CACI is a Fortune World’s Most Admired Company with a “continuous commitment to ethics and integrity that defines its corporate culture and drives its success,” according to the company.

It employs about 20,000 individuals worldwide and offers military veterans a diverse range of professional possibilities to assist the US’ most essential missions.

Customers can benefit from its information solutions and services, according to its website:

  • Protect national security
  • To counter global challenges, aid important decision-making.
  • Ensure that our military forces are well-informed, well-equipped, and mission-ready.
  • Improve the quality of our citizens’ services by transforming government.
  • Modernize government to handle national challenges more effectively.

There are numerous entry points into cybersecurity, as well as numerous professional roles within cybersecurity. If you’re thinking about a career in cybersecurity, start by learning about the many cybersecurity specialties.


Vectrus is a global leader in information technology and network communication services, as well as facilities and logistics management.

This is not a new business; it has been around since 1945. It’s also taken on some of the world’s toughest communications and logistics problems. Military veterans make up the majority of its management team and more than 35% of its workforce.

Military experience is valued highly by the organization since it recognizes that veterans are used to working in high-stress conditions and can exceed mission requirements.

Vectrus employs almost 5,000 individuals and manages more than 7,250 subcontractor staff in 18 countries across four continents, in both stable and unstable circumstances.

From 2016 to 2026, computer and information technology occupations are expected to grow at a greater rate than the overall labor market.

Gavin de Becker & Associates

Gavin de Becker & Associates is a prestigious high-end personal security firm that works with high-profile public people both domestically and internationally.

GDBA protects thousands of clients, according to its website, including more than 90 of the world’s most notable families and at-risk individuals. It offers advice on security plans and protective coverage at home, on the road, and at public events.

Threats are investigated and assessed, and situations of inappropriate pursuit are handled by the GDBA. It offers all services linked to security and privacy, such as travel logistics and safety, background screening of prospective employees, and security awareness training for clients’ employees.

Protective Services Operations entails more than just wearing shades. PSOs are tactics and processes that are used to protect individuals known as principals from harm, shame, physical attack, or death.


The surviving operators shown in 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi were employed by GRS, a private security firm.

“Stay in the shadows, work undercover, and offer an unobtrusive layer of security for CIA officers in high-risk locations,” according to GRS.

It has offices in Virginia and Texas and is a designated Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business (SDVOB).

13 Hours: The Benghazi Secret Soldiers explores the story of former military personnel working as security contractors whose bravery has been overshadowed by political wrangling.


SOC, according to its website, delivers mission solutions with a track record of ensuring safe and effective operations for both government and commercial customers in the United States.

SOC claims to provide “discreet and effective service” so that consumers can focus on their business. It has almost 5,000 employees working on mission-critical safeguards and security, site management and operations, engineering, explosive ordnance storage and disposal, international logistics, and life support services.

Customers include the US Departments of State, Energy, and Defense, as well as Fortune 500 firms and non-governmental groups.

Day & Zimmermann, a century-old, family-owned firm specializing in construction and engineering, personnel, and military solutions for top corporations and governments around the world, owns SOC, which is ranked on the global Defense News Top 100 List of defense companies. Forbes presently ranks Day & Zimmermann as one of the largest private corporations in the United States.

Company Constellis

ACADEMI, Triple Canopy, Olive Group, Centerra, OMNIPLEX, AMK9, Edinburgh International, Strategic Social, and all of their affiliates were among the companies acquired by Constellis recently.

Background investigations, social intelligence tools, advanced training capabilities, logistics and life support, UAV systems, global tracking technology, fire protection and medical services, information security services, and crisis-response mitigation are just some of the services provided by this full-service security firm that operates on nearly every continent.

Tim Reardon, CEO of Constellis, was named one of WashingtonExec’s 2019 Top 25 Executives to Watch. The Global Kidnap for Ransom Report and the Worldview Security Report are also produced by the firm.

Risk Management

Control Risks claims to be active in over 150 countries, providing security services to governments, Fortune 500 organizations, and individual citizens.

It “specializes in cyber, operational, maritime, and travel security in hazardous areas,” according to its website, and “actively seeks professionals with experience in military, law enforcement, corporate consulting, security services, and intelligence.”

Its seasoned team is frequently called upon by the media to speak on the top business security dangers, and it provides a widely quoted interactive RiskMap that forecasts global commercial security risks.

AKE Group

On its website, AKE says it “supports organizations working and investing in challenging, remote, and hostile settings around the world.”

It also offers the “Surviving Hostile Regions” series of courses, which are widely regarded as the first training expressly intended for professionals working in hostile and difficult circumstances.

It collaborates closely with the insurance industry to provide clients with political risk and security consulting that uses a “intelligence-led strategy” to manage risks.

Eagle Eye International Protective Services is number nine.

EEIPS was created in San Diego “to address the demand for protective services in Mexico and Latin America in the 2000s,” according to its website, but has since expanded to Europe, Africa, and the Middle East “to secure our clients’ assets, infrastructure, and personnel across the world.”

It is a strategic-level security management firm, like the others on this list, comprising of highly experienced personnel with backgrounds ranging from industrial security to financial services, police enforcement, military special operations, and intelligence.

IDS International

As new and nontraditional actors arise to endanger global safety and stability, the nature of war continues to evolve. “Dealing with that uncertainty is not simply IDS’ comfort zone, it’s our DNA,” according to IDS’ website.

IDS provides innovative multidisciplinary services globally and in the most insecure of contexts. Its main lines of business are training and expeditionary support services for various organizations.

IDS works in some of the world’s most dangerous conflict zones. The US Department of State recently named Africa Training Solutions International LLC (ATSI), a joint venture in which IDS International Government Services LLC is a minority partner, as one of four small business awardees for the African Contingency Operations Training and Assistance (ACOTA) program to conduct peacekeeping operations and humanitarian assistance training.


“The world’s foremost worldwide, integrated security company specializing in the supply of security and related services across six continents,” according to G4S.

It provides a wide range of security and logistics services, and it was recently recognized for “identifying and eliminating explosive relics of war in the country’s worst impacted areas, [and] working with communities to understand the threats they pose” in war-torn Sudan.

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