The Best Running Shoes for Women

The Best Running Shoes for Women

Running and jogging have always been one of the favorite forms of exercise.  Fitness fanatics see in running one of the best ways to constantly push their limits.  For more casual exercise buffs, it’s a great way to bond with family members or get together with likeminded friends.  For others, jogging is a good time to contemplate or clear the mind while working out.  However, it is a high impact activity that places great strain on your feet and legs, which is why it’s very important to use the best running shoes for women you can find.

Good running shoes are meant to protect our feet.  Choose the wrong shoes and you can be sure of turning your workout into agony. Worse, you could actually end up doing permanent damage to yourself.The Best Running Shoes for Women

The truth is they are the shoes that suit you best.  Our feet are unique.  So there is no such thing as a running shoe that is the best for all women runners, whatever the brand, or the features, or what the star endorsers say.

Even before you go out and buy running shoes, you should know what type of feet you have.  There are basically three types of feet depending on pronation, or the degree to which the feet turns a bit inward as it hits the ground:

  • Neutral – the foot turns inward only slightly and then rolls outward again as your toes lift off.
  • Overpronation – when the foot and ankle roll inward too much, usually a sign of a low or flat arch. Overpronators are susceptible to injuries such as hip and lower back pain, Achilles tendonitis, or pain in the arches and knees.
  • Supination – when the foot rolls outward instead of in, an indication of too high and rigid an arch. Supination is likely to cause shin splints, Achilles tendonitis, Plantar fasciitis, which is characterized by pain in the heel, and Illiotibial band syndrome, which is the inflammation of the tissue that runs down the side of the leg from the hip to the knee.

Most athletic shoes now come in models for all three types of feet.

If you are a neutral runner, just about any type of shoe will do for you.  Still, it is best if you stick to flexible shoes without too many motion control features.

If you overpronate, the best running shoes for you would be support shoes.  These shoes have midsoles that are denser and firmer, and are more rigid to provide more stability and support.  The firmness and rigidity of the shoes will depend on the degree of overpronation you have.  For severe overpronation or flat feet, you will need motion control shoes.

The Best Running Shoes for WomenSupinators or runners with very high arches, on the other hand, need cushioned shoes.  These shoes are very flexible and encourage your foot to rotate instead of retaining the weight along the outer edge to give you a better stride.  The cushioning also absorbs the shock of underpronation and helps prevent the injuries associated with supination.

There really are so many good running shoes in the market, no matter what kind of runner you are.  But to make sure you are getting the best running shoes for women, the best thing to do is to try out several models of shoes for the type of feet you have to make sure that the pair you get is the pair that is truly made for you.

Written by Jon Hanson
I love running and everything about it.