How to upgrade your current mechanical gaming keyboard without necessarily purchasing a replacement? Modify it! This article describes some of the possible mods for mechanical gaming keyboards.


Changing your keycaps is, if not the most significant modification you can make to your gaming keyboard. This is the portion of the keyboard with which you have the most contact, and over time they may become worn or less comfortable than when they were first purchased. Investing in ones of higher quality will significantly improve your keyboard experience. There are also key caps with custom designs, allowing you to choose one that visually matches your preferences.

Puller for Keycaps and Keycaps

To modify or upgrade your keycaps, you will need a new set of them and a keycap puller. So let’s discuss these two for a while. Keycap pullers are an essential component of keyboard maintenance. It allows you to safely remove keycaps while minimizing the risk of damaging the switch in comparison to using your hands alone. Plastic ring keycap pullers, wire keycap pullers, and keycap pliers are the three types of keycap pullers. Many people prefer wire keycap pullers because they do not scratch keycaps, but any of these will suffice. Just get one.

Changing or Improving Switches

Substituting new switches for your current ones is a highly effective method of enhancing your keyboard. If you’ve used your keyboard for a considerable feel of time, you already know how you want the switches to feel or sound. If you are unhappy with your current switches, you should implement this upgrade.

Switchable Keyboards

If you want to change the switches on your keyboard, you must first learn something about the current switches. If your keyboard’s switch is hot-swappable, it is simple to replace it with a different one. If not, you will have to desolder your existing switches and solder the new ones, which will require additional time and effort.


Mechanical keyboard switches vary in terms of brand, tactility, and volume. There are three major types of switches: linear, tactile, and clicky. Depending on your usage and preferences, you have an abundance of options. Should you replace all of your switches? When discussing keyboard switches, it all comes down to personal preference and how the keyboard will be used. Stabilizer Mods

What exactly is a stabilizer?

Stabilizers are the parts on your keyboard’s larger keys such as the space bar, enter, capslock, backspace, etc. that prevent them from wobbling or shaking as much when pressed. Even though these keys are larger than typical character keys, they only have one switch below them, so they require stabilizers. People typically wish to modify their stabilizers in order to enhance the performance of their keyboards. This can be especially useful for gamers who want their keys to feel more stable and sound better.

Modifying Stabilizers

When it comes to modifying stabilizers, there are some ideas that are relatively simple to implement. They are inexpensive, do not require expensive materials, and are not difficult to complete. Here are some straightforward uses for your stabilizers:

Lubing Stabilizers

Lubricating your stabilizers gives your keys a smooth, non-scratchy feel. It’s one of the most noticeable things you can do despite being a relatively simple process. While any lubricant can be used, it is best to use teflon grease for plastic-to-plastic connections and dielectric grease for the wire.

Clipping Stabilizers

Stabilizers have these small legs that make contact with the PCB when the keys are depressed to the floor. Clipping your stabilizers will increase their stability and quietness. For this, you’ll need clippers, and you’ll need to be more careful when clipping out the plastic components. Here are a few suggestions from Top Clack if you want to learn more about how to do this.

Band-Aid Stabilizer Mod

This is likely one of the oldest keyboard mods in the book, and many gamers have had success with it. You must initially remove your stabilizers. Next, cut your bandages into rectangles just large enough to fit where your stabilizers will rest. Ensure that it is sufficiently wide to cover the stabilizer. Then, dielectric grease is applied to the band aid.

Modify Your USB cable

If you wish to complete the appearance of your customized gaming keyboard, you may wish to consider replacing the USB cable! If your keyboard has a detachable USB cable, this is a fairly simple task. While this is primarily an aesthetic mod, it is also one of the simplest things you can do with your gaming keyboard. These custom USB cables are available in a variety of colors, allowing you to choose one that complements the color scheme of your keyboard. Typically, you can choose between coiled or straight USB cables, so these custom USB cables can certainly spruce up your keyboard!

Dampening Foam

The use of dampening foams can reduce the hollow sound your keyboard makes when you type. Adding dampening foam to a mechanical gaming keyboard will take some time, as the keyboard must be disassembled. Depending on the type of foam you use, you may also need to do some trimming so that it fits the case of your keyboard.


Adding vinyls or decals to your keyboard is one of the creatively limitless ways to modify your keyboard. Note that you may be required to perform some of these tasks on your own, such as printing, cutting the vinyls to fit your keyboard, and applying them.

Cover your mechanical keyboard with stickers.

This is an inventive way to cool down your mechanical gaming keyboard. Adding a number of stickers to your backplate or keyboard case to achieve a collage-like appearance. Depending on how you want it to look, it can be incredibly impressive.

There are numerous methods for modifying a gaming keyboard, and the ones listed here only scratch the surface. Modifying your keyboard depends on your purpose. Do you wish to improve its functionality or simply make it look cooler? You are not required to choose one over the other. You can do both simultaneously, so it is possible to modify keyboard in numerous ways to suit preferences.