Dislyte is an RPG from the makers of AFK Arena that follows the opening of Pandora’s box and takes mythical figures across time to combat monsters in an urban setting. There’s plenty to keep you occupied in Lilith Games’ latest title, with legendary heroes from all pantheons to improve and capture, rich turn-based and tactical features, and a big old planet to defend.

Our Dislyte tier list sets the gods against each other to find How to defeat Spatial Tower cream of the omnipotent crop, so you don’t need to brush up on your old legends to play. With so many playable characters available from the start, and more on the way, you may utilize this guide to select the esper that best fits your playstyle before diving into the mythological melee.

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With over 50 gods to select from, determining which Dislyte character is the most successful in battle can be challenging, especially if you haven’t unlocked them yet. So, rather than ranking each character separately in different zones, we’ve created a tier list to give you a clearer understanding of which heroes are most capable of creating new legends.

As is customary in the SS tier, there are a few of outliers that are both highly powerful and incredibly tough to track down (we’re looking at you, Lewis and Gabrielle). Of course, if you’re dead set on using your favorite characters, check out our reroll guide further down the page, but if you get at least 4 or 5 B tier or higher espers, you should be able to upgrade your heroes with effective firepower for progression.

What is the procedure for rerolling Dislyte?

Rerolling in Dislyte isn’t as simple as it is in other games, so pay special attention during the procedure. It’s also worth noting that you’ll need to get to Chapter 4 before you have enough gacha currency to buy ten rolls. Of course, there’s no need to reroll if you get the characters you want, but if you use your 10 pulls and don’t get what you want, here’s what you should do.

  • Start the game.
  • In the top-left corner of the screen, click the profile symbol.
  • In the new menu, select settings.
  • Click on the services tab in the settings menu
  • Select initialize account under account service.
  • In the new text box, type the onscreen code.
  • Select confirm.

Once you’ve confirmed, your game will be reset, allowing you to play through Chapter 4 for another 10 rolls. However, you can only reset your account three times, and high-rarity characters are really difficult to pull, so if you can start with some decent heroes, it could be worth waiting for more pull possibilities.